Here’s the story

Born and raised in the white hot heat of the Arizona dessert.
Funny dad, loving mom, little sister, and a dog.
Wanted a horse more than anything else.
Moved to the prairie in 2000.
Moved towards being serious with Jesus. Tried to figure it out on my own. Failed.
Tried beating depression on my own. Failed.
Got a tattoo. Hope.
Moved to college. Met friends. Met my husband, Hans.
Didn’t know he was going to be my husband until four years later.
Got hooked into ministry.
Failed at a lot of things. Learned a lot of things, too.
Traveled overseas. Left bits of my heart in slums and safe houses.
Wrote. A lot. Drank coffee. A lot.
Rescued a dog at the Humane Society. Named him Banjo.
Got another tattoo. Anchor.
In less than a year, started dating Hans, got engaged, bought/remodeled our first house (ourselves), and got married.


Looking at the blank page of a new chapter. Deciding that it’s going to be lovely. Following hard after Jesus because He takes the mess and exchanges it for the marvelous.

Under Grace,

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Image credit of Rose Wheat Photography.

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