How To Make A Gallery Wall

How To Make A Gallery Wall

When we moved in, there was this huge blank wall in the living room, and it intimidated the heck out of me. But, I wanted a place to display some of our favorite wedding pictures, artwork, and quotes…and since I’ve wanted to do a gallery wall for about forever, I decided to be brave and try it out!

Step 1: Research! I perused Pinterest and scoured blogs to see other people’s ideas and layouts. The ladies at A Beautiful Mess have two posts that helped me a ton – this one and that one.

Step 2: Play around! A lot of the sources I saw suggested tracing your artwork onto paper and then using your “templates” to try out different layouts on the wall. It was helpful to move things around without having to put nails in.

In Progress

Step 3: Measure! I marked each template where we needed to put the nail in based on the mounting piece on the back of the cooresponding frame.

Step 4: Hang! Hans did most of this, because I trust him with tools a lot more than I trust myself.

Step 5: Enjoy! There was a huge sense of accomplishment when we were done. I am really happy with the final result, and we’ve gotten tons of compliments on it.


Carson the kitten makes this picture THAT much cuter, yes?

We can change out the artwork and photos as the years go on. We won’t display all of our wedding photos forever, but I am so madly in love with them that I want to look at them for a while! Our wedding photographer, Emma of Rose Wheat Photography, did wonders with her camera.

What do you think about gallery walls? Would you ever want to try one?

Under Grace,

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