Our Wedding Story

Exactly one year ago today, Hans proposed to me. Exactly five days from now, we will have been married for six months (!!!). It seems like a small lifetime has gone by in the past year, especially since our wedding. Like most brides, I will never get tired of looking at our beautiful wedding pictures, captured by the lovely and talented Emma Wheatley of Rose Wheat Photography. Who is now, by the way, living in Alaska. If you’re in the Last Frontier and need gorgeous photography happening in your life, hit her up!

If it’s alright, can I share our wedding story with you?

Banjo and I curled up in bed on the morning of the wedding while I wrote a letter to Hans.

First look with my dad = happy tears.

First look with Hans = lots of laughter.

My absolute, hands down, no questions asked FAVORITE photo of the day.

Our (ethically responsible) wedding bands, from here and here.


Someone asked me if I would cover up my tattoo on my wedding day.
“Nope,” I said, “it’s part of who I am.”

Our massive and marvelous wedding party.

My best friend, Katherine, and I…this picture sums us up perfectly.

Did I mention that Hans’ four brothers were groomsmen? Guess which one is the middle child.

My bridesmaids blessed me by praying over me before the ceremony…which was one of the sweetest parts of the whole day. I’m wearing a different dress because…

We met at the altar before our ceremony with our bridal parties. Modeling the Sons and Daughters of Jerusalem, they asked us, “How is your beloved better than all others?”. Hans described the traits he loved about me (including, to my great embarrassment, “Every curve of your body”) and I described the traits I loved about him. Then, our bridal party asked us, “How is your God better than all gods?” and we took turns sharing the Gospel. I am so glad that we did this before our ceremony…it gave us the chance to share our story with our guests and share about Jesus, the most important Story in our lives.

I adored the back of my dress to bits!
Oh, and Hans built that arbor…because he can do stuff like that.


As part of our ceremony, we put together a Unity Cross (that Hans also built) that represented the strength of the husband: the outer cross, protecting the delicacy of the wife: the inner cross. Both of us represent Christ, in unique ways, and we complement each other.

One of the sweetest parts of the ceremony was when our entire family came up and prayed around us.

Yay! The kiss! The kiss!

Our reception was in the barn…bedecked with twinkle lights and handmade bunting.

In lieu of a a receiving line, we served our guests their drinks…in mason jars, of course 🙂

Our ombre cake, from the delectable Billy Vanilly in I Love Lemon.
(I could have eaten the whole thing, let’s get real)

Dessert for our guests included mini-pies, my Mom’s famous oatmeal bars, my Aunt Jan’s notorious sugar cookies, and my own perfected chocolate chip cookies. All homemade from scratch with love.

Oh, and a s’mores bar. Complete with Nutella.

This is my niece, Karley, and this is the most adorable picture in the history of ever.

Our friends Carly and Nate played our first dance, Hung the Moon by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

Because sparklers are magical. We canoed across the lake to Hans’ car and made our getaway!

Vendors // Photography + Rose Wheat Photography // Location + The property of generous family friends in Tecumseh, Kansas // Wedding Gown + David’s Bridal // Wedding Bands + Brilliant Earth and Stag Head Designs // Bride’s Earrings + Senhoa // Bride’s Headband + Glam House // Bride and Bridesmaids’ Shoes + TOMS // Catering + DIY // Cake + Billy Vanilly // Music + Nate Goering and Carly Wingerson // Flowers + Kahle Vincent // Hair + Hannah Kagay // Makeup + Nicole Stormann

Under Grace,

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8 thoughts on “Our Wedding Story

  1. Oh my gosh…..I’m in love with these photos! What a treasure you have in this story Rachel! Everything about it is so thought out and really special! 🙂
    I really enjoyed reading through it and seeing all these photos! Your dress was gorgeous! My sister in law also wore a keyhole dress and it’s such a fun look!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Amy! It was hard to choose photos to put into this post…I could have included about 100 more, but I didn’t want to bore anyone 😉

      YES! Keyhole dresses are one of my favorite styles…I just love that it’s a little unexpected.

      Hope you’re having a lovely start to your week!

  2. As a previous wedding photographer, these are the wedding days that I dreamt of. It feels so good to photograph such a Christ centered day. I photographed a wedding one time where the bride and groom had never even kissed until the pastor told them it was time. What a fun and blessed day. They blessed me that day with such a sweet innocence of what it truly is all about. Love your wedding story and pictures. It is wonderful to see you start out your marriage with Christ as the foundation.

    • What a sweet story! I think that’s nothing short of incredible…Hans and I were going to save our first kiss until our wedding day. But then it happened earlier by…*ahem*…accident. But, we still definitely wanted to make it very evident that our marriage was centered on Christ!

      Thank you for looking through our wedding story, Amy! I am so glad that it blessed you.

  3. Oh my, good gracious! You had an absolutely beautiful, unique, Christ-centered wedding! I love that you personalized every detail to reflect you two. I am SO happy I found your blog! Can’t wait to follow along.

    • Haha thank you Jenna! I’m really glad that you’re here!

      Our wedding was a lot of hard work, but I love looking back and knowing that it was completely unique and that we did our best to center it on Christ 🙂

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