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Hey beautiful friends! Today, I have the immense privilege of introducing you to Mrs. Rachel Cox, the enchanting woman behind Oh Simple Thoughts. We have a couple things in common…we’re both newlyweds and we both have a passion for making our homes lovely and welcoming places! I am humbled that she was so enthusiastic about contributing to Our Yellow Door, and thrilled with what she wrote. I am so excited for you to read her thoughts about creating a peaceful home, which goes along perfectly with our conversation about Simplifying! So pour yourself a warm cup of coffee, and get cozy with Rachel!


Hello Our Yellow Door readers! My name is Rachel, not the Rachel that usually writes here, I blog over at Oh Simple Thoughts and I am so thrilled to be here! A big thanks to Rachel (how fun are name twins?! haha) for letting me a part of her Simplified Series. I think it is a beautiful thing that she is doing by encouraging us all to live more simply and rely on the Lord more fully in our day to day lives.

I am a newlywed married to a hard working civil engineer who is studying to get his PhD. I work in full time ministry so we are not just rolling in the cash at this season of our lives. However, creating a cozy and peaceful home with what we have has become a passion of mine. I want our home to be a refuge not only for Ben (my husband) and I but for every person who steps inside our four walls. So I am here to share some truths and ideas to help us all create homes filled with peace and not chaos.

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.” (Isaiah 26:3) 

 I have always loved this verse. It is a promise that the Lord will grant us peace when we dwell on him. So how does this apply to our homes? Well I think one practical way to help us keep our minds stayed on Jesus is to fill our homes with things that remind us of Him and His Word.

I love these free printable verses from French Press Mornings. Every Wednesday there is a new verse that you can print for free! I love free, and I love Jenny’s designs. I print these verses out and tape them to the side of our refrigerator.

We also have several chalkboards around our home that I will write Scripture on, like the one pictured above. I love to draw (even though I am not super talented), and it is so sweet to fill our home with reminders of the Lord’s faithfulness.

Instead of filling your walls with artwork and tons of pictures (nothing wrong with either of these) choose to fill your walls things that remind you of your relationship with Christ. As others come into your home and look around at the reminders on your walls they will stop and praise the Lord for all He has done for them. Disclaimer: We have artwork as well as pictures up in our home, so I am not saying those things are bad at all! 🙂

“She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” (Proverbs 31:26-27)

Another way we can fill our homes with peace is by the words we chose to speak inside them. Are we using wisdom in what we talk about around the table, are we encouraging one another in truth and love? Our homes will exude peace and the love of Christ when we speak well of others within the confines of our homes.

As women we are called to be the “keeper of the home” or the “heart of the household”. We should be taking this seriously and strive to be diligent in our tasks and duties as wives and godly women. This is often not glamorous. Laundry, dishes, cooking meals, dusting for the millionth time can be so tiresome and mundane. Yet, we can fill our homes with powerful peace by managing them well, with diligence in the mundane, and choosing to be joyful while completing these tasks. This cannot be done in our own strength so we must be daily relying on the Holy Spirit to work in us to accomplish all He has called us to.We are called to not eat the bread of idleness, so let us all delight in our homes and work to make them a place of rest for all who enter in.

Finally, I think to make our house truly peaceful for all who come inside we have to stop trying to be perfect. We must lay down the desire to have a Pinterest worthy home that looks just like a magazine. We must realize that peaceful by no means equals perfect. Peaceful means that when guests come into our home they feel the presence of the Lord, they feel loved and cared for. So this does not mean we cannot clean up and make our houses presentable before we have company over…what it does mean is that cleaning up should not become an idol. I really struggle with this. I always want our home to be picture perfect to impress everyone who comes over. However, when we find ourselves going into a tail spin because our husband call a few hours before dinner to inform us that some co workers will be joining us for dinner, this is a problem. By making our home and its appearance our idol we are bringing chaos into our homes and neglecting the real purpose of having people over. We make the reason to invite others over about us when it becomes about our perfect and pretty house. However, inviting others over should be about them. We should manage our homes in such a way that people can come and see inside any time of the day, and feel loved. We may have unfinished laundry, or dishes in the sink, or a bed unmade, but we should not let our imperfections overtake us. We need to see our homes as a way to love others well, always. When the house is clean and pretty, we can love others, AND when the house is a wreck we can still love others.

So let us make our homes the place where people can come and be safe. Let’s make our homes peaceful and fill them with an atmosphere of love.

Thanks again Rachel for having me today! It was such a delight to share my heart with your readers! Much Love!

xoxo, Rachel

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your heart about creating peaceful homes! I loved that she mentioned putting scripture on your walls…that’s something that I want to do more of in Hans’ and my home. Another great resource for Scripture prints is the Naptime Diaries shop…there is so much lovely to behold, and Jessi is a fabulous Jesus-loving mama and pastor’s wife.

What other things can you do to cultivate peace in your home?

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Under Grace,

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7 thoughts on “The Simplified Series | The Peaceful Home

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  3. I completely agree about writing and having scriptures on our walls and around our homes. It is a great reminder of the one who loves us most. My house used to be messy and cluttered, but it more because I was messy and cluttered inside my spirit. Is it perfect now?absolutely not. I have four kiddos. But it is definately a more peaceful atmoshere now.

    • Hey Amy! I’m so glad you stopped by!

      Yes…our homes can be an outward manifestation of the inward condition of our hearts. I am so glad that you’re finding peace in your home!!

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