DIY Laundry Soap

In my quest to make more of my own cleaning supplies (one of my April Goals) I have ventured into the realm of Pinterest. And friends, I have ventured deep. Lots of women on Pinterest buck the icky-chemically-riden cleaning system for the sake of saving money and going green, and they are all too happy to share their wisdom!

Thus, I found Karrie from Happy Money Saver, and her recipe for Homemade Laundry Detergent. Karrie has DIY recipes for like, everything…her site is definitely worth exploring!

I’ve used this DIY Laundry Detergent for several months now, and it’s safe to say that I am never going back. It’s cheap, it’s easy to make, it has zero weird chemicals, it lasts forever, it has superhero cleaning capabilities, and I get the satisfaction of being all like, “I make my own laundry detergent! Like a BOSS!”

Trust me. It’s really easy, and totally worth it.

1. Box of 20 Mule Borax – 4 lb. 12 oz. – $3-ish at Walmart
2. Box of Super Washing Soda – 3 lb. 7 oz. – $3-ish at Walmart
3. Pure Baking Soda – 4 lb./8 cups – I bought a 13.5 lb bag at Sams Club for about $7
4. Three bars of Fels-Naptha – .97 each at Walmart
5. Oxy-Clean – 1.3 lb./2 cups – I bought an 11 lb box at Sams Club for about $13
>>> everything can be found close together in the laundry aisle.

1. Finely grate the Fels-Naptha bars…use a cheese grater or a food processor.
2. Mix all ingredients together super well.
3. Keep in a container with a lid.
4. Use 1-2 tablespoons per load. (yeah, you read that right)
5. Be proud of yourself! You made your own laundry detergent!

Seriously. That’s it. You can totally do this!

The best part? This costs roughly .04 cents per load as opposed to .12 cents a load of Tide powdered detergent, according to Karrie!

Hans and I love this. We also love saving the money!

I dare you to try it! Let me know how it goes!

Under Grace,

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P.S. – This can be used in top-loading or front-loading washers!

14 thoughts on “DIY Laundry Soap

  1. I make my own as well. I don’t even use the borax and my clothes come out clean.And instead of fels naptha I use zote soap. For a softener, white vinegar works great. And then if you really want to go wild, maybe try hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach.

    • Zote Soap? I’ve never heard of this! And yes – I use white vinegar to soften my clothes, too…it’s amazing what the simplest of ingredients will do! How much hydrogen peroxide do you use in place of bleach??

      • I usually get zote soap at walmart or pretty much any store. It is a pretty big bar just like the fels-naptha. You can also use Ivory soap. Zote has an optical brightener in it to make colors a little brighter. It comes in a pink or white and has a decent smell. I just used the same amount of hydrogen peroxide in place of the bleach. For whiter whites (shirts start to look dingy and yellow) you can add liquid bluing to the wash. I once came across a website that explained how everything worked but of course cannot find it now. I use apple cider vinegar on my hair a lot of times instead of conditioner. It works, I’ve found, better than the store bought conditioner.

        • I think I found the website. It is It has a ton of information about detergents and lot of other diy stuff as well. Great site. Just click on DIY then Cleaning Products.

          • Awesome!! Thank you so much!! I’ve wanted to try liquid bluing for a while now…we have white sheets and I want to prevent them from getting super dingy! I also definitely want to try the “no poo/conditioner” method too. Do you use baking soda for shampoo?

          • Yes I do the no poo method with baking soda. It has worked great for me and my hair type. I used to premix a bottle of it but I know it loses it’s potency over time so I started doing it as I needed it. I use maybe 1-2 tbsp in a mug of hot shower water. You might have to experiment a little depending on hair type. The first few days your hair is adjusting but after that it was fine. This also has allowed me to not wash my hair everyyday. I think that website also talks about it as well.

  2. You’re the best! I have some liquid laundry detergent right now- but since it’s so darn expensive to ship that out here- I have been wanting a recipe for this dry stuff! It’s hard for me to remember what all that stuff looks like though, so I NEEDED the photo! Thank you!
    Does it have a scent at all?

    • You’re totes welcome, Amy! Always glad to be of help!

      The ingredients themselves are pretty heavy, but they will definitely last longer than traditional laundry detergent since you use less. As far as scent…not really anything besides “clean”, if that makes sense! Karrie puts Unstoppables laundry scent in hers, but I decided to save a few $’s 😉

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  4. We make our own laundry detergent too! Our recipe is pretty much the same as yours, but I don’t use OxyClean. I make much smaller batches, just one bar of soap and smaller amounts of borax and washing soap, but it works great! I like using Dr. Bronner’s soap because it comes in nice scents and it’s earth friendly. Thank you for sharing!!

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