Gold Polka Dot Tray

You know all those things you pin on Pinterest and you’re like, “Oh! I love that! I’ll totally have time to make that soon!” and then you completely forget about it?

Girl, I know how that feels.

All those pins will gather internet dust unless you make a plan to make them happen! It’s so rewarding to make things with your own two hands, although occasionally you will come across a Pinterest fail. Hey, at least you were exercising your creativity, right?

Jillian at Sealed With Lovely posted this Gold Polka Dot Tray DIY Tutorial – and it totally worked! I adore gold accents around the house, especially when they’re delicate and functional.

Here’s her tutorial, and how I did it.

What You Need
1. A ceramic platter (I got this one at Target for a few dollars)
2. A gold leafing pen (easy to find at Target or a crafting store)
3. Page Reinforcements
4. Access to an oven

What You Do:
1. Wipe down and dry your platter.


2. Stick yo’ page reinforcements randomly (or orderly…whatever floats your boat) on the platter.


3. Fill in your dots with the gold leafing pen. Let the tray dry for 24 hours.



4. Peel off the page reinforcements. I encountered a problem with this step. The gold leafing bled under the stickers a little bit, so some of the dots were a bit…wonky. Maybe I could have avoided that problem by pressing in the stickers better. However, it was pretty easy to clean up the edges…so no big deal!

5. Bake the platter on a cookie sheet at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

6. Style your new tray to your heart’s content!

This was an amazingly easy and totally adorable project. It sits on top of my dresser and corrals my lotion, perfume, lip gloss, nail cream, and a little vase for fresh blooms. Simple, pretty, and useful! I can’t wait to figure out other places to use this around the house. I might make another one for the office!

What Pinterest project have you been wanting to accomplish? How are you going to make it happen soon?

Under Grace,

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4 thoughts on “Gold Polka Dot Tray

  1. Yay! You made it!
    I feel so awesome when I find a project I want to do/ and DO IT!

    This looks really cute girl!
    I have the spray of the sensual amber- and mmmm smells good!

    • I know, right?! It’s so rewarding to finish a project!!

      Mmhmm…Sensual Amber is uber lovely. What are some of your other favorite Bath and Body Works scents? I adored Velvet Tuberose, and then they had to be lame and discontinue it 😦

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