Thoughts on Hosea

Happy Monday, friends! Actually, there’s approximately half an hour left in Monday, so maybe “Happy Tuesday!” would be more correct, but whatever. It’s definitely still Monday in Alaska, which is where our guest post writer lives! Everyone, meet Amy! Amy was my very first friend in the blogger world, and she immediately became one of the most sweetest people I’ve ever “met”. Amy showed me the ropes and has encouraged the living daylights out of me every step of the way.

Her blog is full of all sorts of lovely, from honest insights about Jesus and marriage, to the gorgeous Alaskan wilderness that she and her husband, Adam, live in. We share a love for coffee, simplifying, North Face jackets, and long emails. Find her over at Lovely Does It and prepare to be jealous of how gorgeous her daily scenery is. She looks out her windows and sees majestic, soaring mountains, I look out my window and see the next door neighbor’s trampoline.

Hi!  My name is Amy and I am the writer of the blog Lovely Does It…..Rachel has been such a sweet friend to me!  For real, this girl has been a HUGE encouragement to me in my newly-wedded life, my blog, and my walk with the Lord.  We originally connected through….get this- the #shereadstruth hashtag on instagram- found one another’s blogs, and the rest is history.  She is kind, beautiful, and she challenges me in my relationship with my husband, the Lord, and in my creativity.  So if you are a regular reader on Our Yellow Door- you are in good hands!  And, if you are popping over from my blog- follow, comment, and stick around!  Rachel is a gem!  I am so thankful that she has graciously allowed me to share some of my thoughts today on Our Yellow Door.

If you don’t know about She Reads Truth– you need to!  It’s a community of women online who are seeking to know Christ more- it’s so encouraging, and gives such good direction in reading God’s Word!

The first reading plan that I did with SRT was the one on Hosea.  And wow ladies- what an encouraging book.

It starts out rough, confusing, disheartening, even strange.  But to me- that is the beauty of the book because we know that that is how our lives without God’s grace look. Pretty hopeless.

This book is a beautiful reminder that God can take the broken, the lost, the rebellious, the hard-hearted and stubborn….and create something beautiful.  His grace is so much more powerful than our sin.

The book starts out with God telling the prophet Hosea to go and marry an adulterous woman- a prostitute named Gomer. The book is about Hosea relentlessly pursuing and loving his wife even while she is continuing in adultery- as a symbol of the incredible way that God loved Israel, and that our Savior loves us.

As a new wife– just the thought of my precious husband marrying a wife like Gomer and being called to pursue her even though she was being unfaithful to him breaks my very heart. But then I am humbled as I realize- this is often how I am in my relationship with God.  I seek fulfillment, completion, hope and peace in things besides my Savior….and He loves me all the while.  All too often I am Gomer and the Lord patiently, kindly, and lovingly assures my restless heart that He cares for me, He created me, I am precious to Him, and He loves me and wants me near Him.  What beautiful grace.

We run away, we walk away, 
we fall and we fail…..but God never turns His back on us.  His love is like a sea without a shore, we will never know the extent of it.

Despite the unfaithfulness of my fleeting heart- the Lord does not change.  His love for me is unrelenting and I will rejoice in that!”

I am so thankful for God’s incredible grace, and for His desire to redeem all things.
He is faithful even when His people are not.

If you are interested in doing this study with She Reads Truth- click here
Another awesome resource is the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers….which is a beautiful retelling of this story that hits home most assuredly in the lives of women and wives.  Look for that here

Rachel- THANK YOU for letting me take over your blog today and share a little bit about Hosea!  You are a sweet friend!


Thank YOU, Amy! I love the imagery in Hosea…it helps me keep my relationship with God in perspective!

Under Grace,

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Hosea

  1. Thanks so much for letting me post on your space girl! I loved writing this, and I just love Hosea tons!
    Did you know Francine Rivers has written a new book??? Have you read it?

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