Our Big (tiny) Dream

Hey there, friend! How are you today? I hope that springtime is knocking at your door…this winter seems like it just will. not. end. and I’m really ready for some sunshine and open windows, you know?! What about you?!

Lately, a common theme for Hans and I has been simplifying. I’ve blogged about it a lot, and it’s something that gets me really, really excited. I love thinking about how to purge the excess out of my life, how to live most simplistically, and how to eliminate the excess in order to focus on the essential.

Well, that journey has led us down a rather unexpected path – tiny homes! Have you heard of tiny homes before? They are absolutely fascinating, and Hans and I are fairly obsessed.

The Tiny Life website defines the Tiny Homes movement like this: “Simply put, it is a social movement where people are downsizing the space that they live in. The typical American home is around 2600 square feet, while the typical small or tiny house is around 100-400 square feet.” Many of them are often built onto flatbed trailers, too. Sounds crazy, right?

Hans and I are always up for a bit of crazy.

Our current home is three bedroom ranch style home with a basement at around 2000 square feet. It is our pride and joy, because we gutted/remodeled it before we got married…which, for the record, I would not suggest to anyone. After the wedding, one of my friends was like, “Rachel, the fact that ya’ll still got married after remodeling a house is incredible. Most relationships would have crumbled under that kind of stress.”


Since we’ve gotten rid of so much stuff, our house is rather…empty. We have minimal clutter, we’re down to one dresser, and all of my our books fit comfortably onto one modest sized bookshelf. We’re quickly realizing that the space we have is probably way more than we need. So, we’re considering downsizing to a tiny house within a year or two.

(But what about kids, you ask? Hush. We have no immediate plans for kids…we’re enjoying this whole “young and in love” thing, thankyouverymuch. A dog and a cat are all the children we need right now.)

It’s very much in the “dreaming” stage, but it’s been so much fun to look up plans, pictures, and YouTube videos…imagining what it would be like to live on the tiny side of life. Hans grew up in a family that owns a construction company, so he’s practically a master carpenter. The challenge of building our own home with his own two hands (let’s face it…I’m not going to be much help with the whole “hoisting beams” thing) really appeals to him.

>>> note – click any of the images below to investigate more


Why do we want to live in a tiny home?

  • No mortgage
  • Be able to travel easily
  • Low, low, low utility costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Help us be “closer to nature” (call me a hippie…)
  • Live intentionally
  • Live simplistically
  • Live sustainably

elm white3

What drawbacks do we see?

  • Not being able to have large groups over to entertain
  • Possibly getting sick of being all up in each other’s business
  • Potential for clutter (eeeeek!!! noooooo!!!)
  • No basement…problematic for Kansas residents in tornado season

What do you think? Would you ever consider living in a tiny home?

I will be posting more thoughts, pictures, and videos soon 🙂

Under Grace,

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16 thoughts on “Our Big (tiny) Dream

    • Hey Laressa! Yes – they are movable if you want them to be. A lot of people build them on trailers, but a lot of people also build them on a normal foundation.

      HAHAHA the bathroom situation is NOT a dumb question…not at all! Most people use a composting toilet (or an incinerating toilet…which does exactly what it sounds like it does) in their tiny home if it’s mobile…and there are a lot of methods of shower/sink plumbing methods, too. I haven’t researched plumbing a ton, but I know that composting toilets are the most common method because they don’t require water attached. There are also some people who don’t have a shower at all and use a 10 gallon jug for their sink water!

  1. I think that there is a fair amount of truth that if you have less space for it, you will have less stuff. But I want to be able to entertain once in a while, and I like a lot of moving space in my kitchen. And we want kids in a few years, and after they’re done being a toddler I’m not sure how well this would work. Are there tiny houses that are not mobile? Or is that part of the point?

    • Those were my thoughts too…I’ve watched a fair amount of videos from people who actually live in tiny homes, and they’ve all talked about being able to have small groups of people (2-4) over and fitting comfortably. As far as kids, there are tiny home folks who make it work! Here are a few links you might find useful, or at the least, entertaining 😉



      Kitchen space is a big deal for me, too. This tiny home has basically a full size kitchen in it, which I found kind of incredible!

      There are plenty of tiny houses that aren’t mobile…it definitely allows for more floor plan options and an extra 100 square feet or so. But a lot of the same principles (minimal possessions, smart storage, etc.) still apply.

  2. I LOVE this!
    You constantly encourage me in my thinking about our current “tiny home” so thanks!
    These little places are ADORABLE, and honestly…..there are a lot of pros!
    I am so excited to see you and Hans walk this path as you have this dream!
    The traveling would be amazing!

    • Yay! I’m so glad you like this! Tiny living is definitely a challenge…but it’s really fun to think about, isn’t it?!

      Yes…there is just something about tiny things that makes them that much more adorably, you know? We would really love to do this for a lot of reasons, but traveling is definitely one of them 🙂

      Thank you for being excited for us!

  3. Rachel, just like you were excited about my engagement, and we don’t really know each other, I am excited about THIS for you guys!! haha I don’t know why, but this just makes me kinda giddy. =P This is simplifying to a whole new level – and there’s something just so refreshing about seeing people go against the flow of our society and consumer culture. This is not for everyone, and that’s ok. But if this is for you guys, that is so cool! If y’all jump into this, I’m excited to see your process. And some of those houses are cute!! Especially the one with that furry rug in the bedroom. 🙂

    • Haha thank you, Leah! I think you might be giddy because you’re still on your post-engagement high, but I’m just guessing 😉

      Yes, it is definitely a whole new level of simplifying…and it IS very refreshing to see people bucking the American Dream, you know?! Hans and I are definitely on board with those things. You’re right, it’s not for everyone, but we think it might be for us 🙂

      THE FURRY RUG! I love it. If you get a chance, click on that picture and look through their whole house. It’s adorable.

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  5. OOOhhh. This is neat-o! Miles and I have been looking into “Modern Prefab Homes”. Home shopping is weird. I can’t imagine living so tiny because we have lots of people over every week and I’d love to have some kiddos soonish…but I can’t wait to hear all about your tiny home journey!!!

    • Modern Prefab? I must check this out! Yes – home shopping is really strange, but also really fun. Then it gets strange again after you move in and you’re like “these four walls are ours.”

      The entertaining thing does worry me a bit, but we figured that when the weather is nice, we can always have gatherings outside! A fire pit and some folding chairs, and the great outdoors is our living room 🙂

      What are ya’lls priorities for a house?

  6. Love this and your other post on tiny homes! Found you via Cassie’s blog 🙂 My hubby is really wanting to do something like this. Not sure what we’ll do with kids which we plan on soon. I wonder about the cost. And do you have to have one custom built or are the places that sell these?

    • Hey there, Kelli! Thank you so much for popping over from Cassie’s blog! She was just an absolute peach for letting me crash on her space 🙂

      There are some Tiny Home people who have kids in their teensy spaces, but that’s not for everyone. I think the kids end up spending a lot more time outside…which isn’t a bad thing, but doesn’t necessarily work in all climates year-round.

      You can either have them custom built, or there are a small handful of places (Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Four Lights Tiny House Company, Portland Alternative Dwellings…) that you could buy a house from.

      Haha! My husband REALLY wants one, too 😉

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