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There are a million truths for every lie
So speak it out loud and let it lift high
There are a million reasons to cover your eyes
But the light is shining
Through the darkness we hide
But the light is shining
Through the darkness we hide

| Chorus |
So come let it come let it
Come let it come let it shine
Come let it come let it
Come let it come let it shine

Lyrics from “Let It Shine” by All Sons & Daughters

It’s funny how I can always come up with a million excuses to avoid the things that God is calling me to. Especially the big things…you know, like “feed the poor”, “love your enemies”, “put Me first”…that stuff. I can avoid the calling of Christ and get mighty secure in my self-centeredness. I will keep my feet and my hands still when God is clearly telling me to Go & Do.

I can always find a million excuses to not obey, and exactly 100% of them are invalid.

At the end of His time on earth, after He’s destroyed death and rocked the resurrection, Jesus gathers His disciples around Him and commissions them, saying:

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And I behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. | Matthew 28:18-20, emphasis mine

Did you catch that? Go ahead and read it again.

Do you know what Jesus says to us? To you? To me?

I am with you always.

The I AM says I AM with you ALWAYS.

Many of my excuses are rooted in good old-fashioned stubbornness, but a lot of them are also rooted in fear. What if that person doesn’t want to be my friend any more? What if I say the wrong thing? What if my words tumble out in a jumble? What if I *gasp* don’t have it all together?

No where in Scripture does God say we have to have our act together in order to serve Him. In fact, that’s the whole point of the Cross…we can’t help ourselves. We have been saved by Christ, and He says “Go! Make disciples! Teach! You have nothing to worry about because I AM in control and I AM with you!”

It makes the going and doing a bit less scary, don’t you think?

As some of you know, Hans and I took our first year of marriage off from ministry, because hello marriage in itself is a ministry, and a really important one! That was the direction we felt God leading. We needed time to figure each other out, work out the snags, and enjoy the blessing of each other. We’re almost eight months (!!!) into that year, and not being involved in formal ministry has been unfathomably wonderful. Now, we’re looking forward.

As Ellie Holcomb sang, “There’s a beauty that we never know what the future holds.”

It is beautiful. Exciting. Terrifying. Mostly beautiful and exciting, though.

We’re starting to explore where God wants us next. What He wants us to Go & Do. Because we want to follow. We want to be obedient. We want to see His kingdom touch down on earth and we want to get our hands dirty. We want to sacrifice, we want to live small so that others can breathe big. And we don’t know what that looks like yet.

But we want to seek God’s will and find out.

Where has God been calling you lately?

Under Grace,

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12 thoughts on “Go & Do

  1. Found you through the link up and enjoyed reading your lovely post! Fear has such a knack for holding us back from being all in for God! But it is truly great that He’s with us ALWAYS…even when we don’t remember that!

    • Hey Moriah! Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words!

      Yes…fear can be such a hangup sometimes! It’s so comforting to know that God is bigger than our fears, though…you know? What are ways that you help yourself remember that God is with you always?

  2. Hey girl! Beautifully written. I think it’s easy to forget that last part about the fact that He promises to be with us ALWAYS. So much good in that.

    And- I love that you and Hans took the first year off of ministry- that is “sort of” what Adam and I are doing….and some people take it really weird, and others are super encouraging about it. I think there is wisdom in it….and so far, it’s been a really good thing for us.

    Thanks for the shout out to the giveaway!

    • Thank you, Amy! Your words are always so encouraging to me!

      That’s awesome that you and Adam are sort of doing the same thing as far as taking the first year off! It’s so good, isn’t it?! I think the people that are against it don’t fully understand that marriage in itself is a ministry, and that “ministry” doesn’t need to look like a formal, organized thing. Does that make sense?

      Yeah! No problem – I hope it throws some traffic towards the Giveaway!

    • Hey Olivia!! YES – way to go! It’s amazing how a few simple “living small” changes can make a BIG difference for others! I’m so glad that that’s on your heart, too!

  3. Thanks for this post, Rachel! I listened to the All Sons & Daughters song while reading your post. Great background music for the read. The first line resonates with me, “I can always find a million excuses to not obey, and exactly 100% of them are invalid.” But a lot of the time i forget the last part, that they are all 100% invalid, not just 50% invalid or 50% of them are invalid – they are all complete nonsense, and I need to get over myself and let God do his thing, listen and obey. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Hey there, sweet Camilla! I would so encourage you to listen to more of All Sons & Daughters…they have such lovely and raw music!

      I love it – I need to get over myself and let God do his thing, listen and obey – Amen! It’s so hard to remember sometimes, but we KNOW that God is God and if He calls us to anything, He will provide what we need to do it! Despite our excuses, haha!

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