Coffee Date | 2

Hey there. Remember me? That vivacious brunette who was like “Blog ALL the things!”…?

Yeah. She had finals last week.

She kicked them in the FACE, thankyouverymuch, but it meant that she didn’t get a whole lot of blogging done. So I’d really like to apologize for that.

I’m very thankful that you have peeked into my blog. It humbles my heart and makes me incredibly happy. More than anything, this blog is about making much of Jesus. After that? It’s about encouraging YOU. So, there are changes coming up. They’re because I want to make this blog a simple and beautiful space to talk about God and inspire you to the best of my ability.

In the spirit of being honest and encouraging others, I am linking up with Rachel of Oh Simple Thoughts and Madison of  The Wetherills Say I Do for another cozy coffee date. It’s a time for bloggers to connect with each other and share how life is really going. Rachel wrote this about the link up: “We want this to be a time of sharing, but a time of encouragement more than anythingThe goal is Jesus, pushing others to Jesus, pursuing Jesus, making his name known. It is all about Him.

So please, pour yourself a cuppa and let’s chat!

Rachel and Madison: How are you doing today?
A bit tuckered out…finals week will do that! I’m thankful the semester is over and the summer is here, though. Resting in a peaceful Saturday and simple joys like sleeping in with my husband, enjoying good coffee, and getting to spend extra time journalling and reading the Bible.

Rachel and Madison: How is your heart?
My heart is a bit anxious right now. Being this close to graduating, there’s a lot of pressure to have your “big girl” job lined up, you know? To know what you want to do with your life. At this point, I don’t have that figured out. I’m uncomfortable not knowing what comes next. However, there is comfort in knowing that God has it under control, that He will provide and that He will lead. I’m just learning to trust Him wholeheartedly in the meantime, and allow His sovereignty to soothe my restless heart.

Rachel and Madsion: What areas in your life could use some light brought to them?
The aforementioned “what-are-you-going-to-do-with-your-life” area! To have that figured out would be a huge relief, but I’m also learning that maybe God doesn’t want to give me relief, but instead wants me to be sanctified in the waiting. And that’s ok.

Rachel and Madsion: What is bringing you joy?
SUMMER. Marriage. Coffee. My dog. Blogging. Our garden.

Rachel and Madsion: Where does the Lord have you right now?
So many transitions have happened recently! Most of all, though, God’s had me in a place of simplicity. He’s teaching me what it looks like to have a deeper relationship with Him (aren’t you glad that there’s always more to find out about Jesus?!), be a godly wife, and to pursue just the things that He’s put me in front of.

Rachel and Madsion: How are you owning that place?
The Lord has been telling me that it’s alright to focus on the things He has called me to, and say no to everything else…and I’m loving owning that place. When I’m only taking on the things He’s asked me to take on, life is so much simpler. With cutting out so much excess stuff, I’ve had so much more room to move in the directions He’s asking me to move. So, even though I quite know what I want to “do with my life” yet, I’m making room for Him to tell me.

Thank you, Rachel and Madison, for inviting me to join in this coffee date!


What about you? If we were sitting down for coffee right now, what would you share about your life?

Under Grace,

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Date | 2

  1. Woohoo! I’m so glad to have you back sweet friend!! Congrats on finishing your finals. I think that being a little anxious is understandable, but what inspiration that it just drives you to press into Jesus even more. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!

  2. Rachel! I love this. I love how you wrote this to us, in a way 🙂 It’s so nice to get to know you through this post. This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for you but the Lord has SUCH great plans for you, I just know it!

    • Hey Madison!! I’m thrilled that you stopped by!
      Thank you for hosting the linkup! It’s a lovely way to get to know you and Rachel a bit better, and to get to know others, too!
      Yes – it is exciting and nerve-wracking! I’m so glad that God knows what He’s doing!!

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