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Hello you beautiful thing, you! How are you today? Really, how are you? Is your weather all rainy and depressing like mine is? Let me tell you, I’ve had it UP TO HERE with rainy and depressing days. They make me feel unproductive and sad. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


If we were having coffee and hadn’t caught up with each other in a while, I would want to hear how your life is. I would want to hear about that job you’d applied for, what books you’d read lately, and how you’d been feeling. I’d also really want to hear about your relationships.

Because we’re women, and we flourish in relationships.

We might talk about the respective men in our lives, but sooner or later our conversation would settle on women relationships. We’d probably agree that women need women. Someone else who knows the unknowing of womanhood, the mystery, the strength and the delicacy, the heights and the depths of being this beautiful, complex creation known as woman.

I think Paul knew a bit about that complexity when he wrote Titus.

Titus 2:3-5
Olden women are likewise to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.

In our She Reads Truth Titus Study, we read this passage and Raechel told the story of Karen, a woman who had mentored her when she was a new mother. Karen led a Bible study in her home, and taught Raechel and other young women not only to love the Word, but how to roast a chicken and plant gardens and what to do with fresh lilac. | Read more here.

Paul’s point in Titus and Raechel’s point in her story, is this:
We cannot and should not live and grow in the Gospel alone.

I think God created community and the Church for that very reason, among others!!

For our She Shares Truth assignment, the SRT ladies us asked these questions…

How is spiritual mothering already taking place in your community? Has a godly woman influenced you in your growth in the Gospel, or has mentoring a young believer impacted your life? How would you like to see Titus 2 shape your relationships moving forward?

The church we’re at right now is ginormous. Like, 2,000+ people. So it’s been hard to find intimate community, you know? While I know a lot of older women, there’s not a specific woman that I would say is my “spiritual mother”.

There is a woman who I would love to be mentored by, though. She’s one of those women that truly gives life to those around her. I admire how she loves Jesus, has a friendship with her husband and respects him, the way she mothers and the passion she has for the broken parts of our city. I would love to learn from her.

But I’m terrified to ask her to mentor me. Because she’s super busy and I don’t want to be a burden to her, maybe she doesn’t really like me all that much in the first place.

And then Raechel was all like, “Sisters, godly women-training-women is absolutely a risk worth taking” and I’m still scared, but she’s right. I need to be in community, I need to be trained, I need to learn. So, will you pray for me? That I would have the boldness to ask this lady to mentor me? And that, no matter what her answer is, God would be glorified?

Thank you 🙂

Do you have a “spiritual mother”?

Under Grace,

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22 thoughts on “#SheSharesTruth | Spiritual Mothering

  1. I remember feeling the same way once, and then I regretted it when almost two years later, the woman and I grew close-just at the time when I was moving away! I regret the time I wasted knowing that we could have hit it off earlier, but I allowed fear to get in the way. Don’t make the same mistake!

    • Hey there, Jessica!! Thank you for popping in 🙂

      UGH…that’s so sad!! I’m glad that you guys did get some time together, though…even if it was short. You’re definitely making me think. I don’t want to regret not connecting with this lady sooner, but I’m still really scared that I’ll end up being a burden and not a blessing to her, you know?

  2. Yes, the weather has been bad here, too! Just cloudy, rainy, stormy, ugh. I hope it gets back to normal sunny summertime. 🙂
    Amen and Amen! God used one of my closest friends to bring me into a Christ relationship. He uses us to help, lead, and comfort eachother. It’s such a beautiful gift from God!

    • Hey there, sweet Jenna! So glad you stopped by!!

      Oh girl, it’s sunny today and I’m positively giddy. It’s almost embarrassing.

      God is SO good, yes?! That’s wonderful that He used a friend of yours to introduce you to Himself. I love that we get to be His hands and feet in the world, you know??

  3. Beautifully said, Rachel! Love how you covered the truths that must inform this kind of relationship, and then exposed how difficult the application can be. Grateful he is with us in this.

    PS. I love your blog! Adorable and very well written!

    • Ahh! Heather, I’m thrilled you stopped by! I just peeked at your blog and it’s so fresh and clean that I maybe swooned a little. Thank you for your encouragement about mine, too 🙂

      Yes, I am so thankful that God is with me in this. It quiets my fears when I realize that this is the kind of community He wants for us…so of course He will provide! Maybe not in the way (or with the person!) we expect, but He will provide.

  4. I feel you about the big church thing… I’m also a member of a large church with multiple campuses so it is easy to feel lost sometimes. Praying for your future mentor and their heart, and also your boldness.
    thankful for SRT Blog Sisters like you!! 🙂 this community is a gift!

    • Hi Cassie! Thank you for popping in from Cloud Nine!

      Eesh…multiple campuses? I can’t imagine how hard that makes it to connect with others! How have you found intimate community within the larger body (bodies?) of your church?

      AMEN! The SRT community is a beautiful gift that I’m thankful for, too!!

  5. This makes me all giddy for you, Rachel! I am so happy that you have a woman in mind and I can totally imagine her being all lovely and stuff. Praying for your courage and for her heart, and ultimately, that God’s will be done!

    Ps-I’m UP TO HERE with that weather, too!

  6. Praying this for you Rachel!
    It’s encouraging that you know someone that you would LOVE to ask to be a mentor….and I hope that God totally blesses you through a relationship with her!
    Keep us posted on how it turns out!
    Us women really DO need other women.
    P.S. This morning was SUCH a blessing!

  7. I am in the process of seeking out a spiritual mother, myself. I have moved around a little so it is hard to pick up and start again with someone knew, but you are right it is so worth it. I have someone in mind, but am working up the courage to ask her. Not quite sure what I will say, hehe. God Bless You!! XOXO.

    • Hey there, Paula! I’m tickled pink you stopped by!

      It’s a relief to know other people are in the same boat. Moving around makes it more difficult for sure…I’m sorry!! I’m glad you have a woman in mind, though! I do too, but like you I’m still working up the courage to ask her and I’m not sure what to say either!

      We can do this, though, Paula!! God bless you, too!

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  9. Rachel, I’ve been reading through your blog today and got all the way back to this post. Did you end up getting the courage to ask the woman to mentor you? I hope you did! I love having older women who meet with me consistently. I’ve been weaving this theme into my start up blog. If you haven’t talked to the woman you admire yet, maybe this will encourage you: http://www.alismithtx.com/2014/04/23/free-time/

    • Wowza, Ali! Thank you for taking so much time to read through my blog! That encourages me so much!

      She and I just haven’t had a chance to sit down together yet…she’s got a pretty busy schedule!! But we’re going to, I promise!

      How did you and your mentor start meeting?

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