Why I Want to Live in Less than 200 square feet

Don’t look at me like that.

Yeah, maybe you think I’m headed off to Timbuktu on the crazy train, but hear me out. I really do want to live in less than 200 square feet, and I’m not insane, and Iย don’t own any clothes made from hemp.

Okay? Okay.

Tonight I was over at my in-laws, because my MIL was helping me hem a blouse (#stereotypicalKansasgirl) and we were watching “Love It or List It”, a show where a homeowner gets their “problem home” remodeled by one person while another person shows them a bevy of new homes that fit their “needs”. At the end of each episode, the homeowners get to decide whether they want to keep their newly remodeled home or buy one of the new homes they were shown.

We saw one episode where a couple was looking at a new house, and it had not one, not two, but THREE bedrooms, and the wife was like, “Um, it’s not enough space.”

Welcome to America, where three bedrooms isn’t enough space for two adults.

Isn’t there a problem with this?

Is there a better (less wasteful, less self-centered, less consumeristic) way?

I think there is.

Hans and I haveย been dreaming about living in a tiny home for several months. It’s our simple dream. For us, simplicity doesn’t start with getting rid of excess, but with wanting less. If we just got rid of stuff without examining our hearts, we would probably just accumulate more. Instead, we’re moving towards a life of being satisfied with simplicity.

Which sounds insane to most Americans. ‘Murica is the richest country in the world, goshdarnit. ‘Murica likes debt wealth, wide walled-in open spaces, and hoards lots of physical possessions. ‘Murica likes things super-sized.

But what if we don’t need as much as we think we need? What if, like 92% of the rest of the world, we lived in less than 200 square feet? (I made that statistic up…just roll with it) What if humble living was better for us, better for our relationships, and better for our faith? What if happiness could be found outside of the “American Dream”?

I want to find out.

Click on images for source.

And yeah, part of it is just the fact that Hans and I are rebellious and stubborn…and we like the idea of bucking the system and defying the norms and all that hipster stuff.

But what are the other reasons we’d want to live in such a tiny home?

1. No Mortgage.
2. Therefore, more $$ to give, save, and invest.
3. Also, more $$ to travel ๐Ÿ™‚
4. It would take literally 36 minutes to clean.
5. Bills would be easily less than $20 a month (depending on our set up).
6. Less space to fill = we buy fewer (but nicer) things.
7.ย Being hipster-ific ๐Ÿ˜‰
8.ย Ability to literally move our home.
9. Freedom to work less.
10. That loft, ya’ll. Did you see the LOFT?!

Currently I’m in love with the Proto Haus design (pictured above). Here’s a video tour…

What are your thoughts about living simply? Would you ever want to live in a tiny home?

Under Grace,

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38 thoughts on “Why I Want to Live in Less than 200 square feet

  1. I love that you and Hans have this dream….I think you should pursue it whole heartedly- knowing that it may not fit what others think you should do…but that it fits what you guys truly want out of life.
    I feel like simple living has so much less regret than extravagant living.
    (i think that’s a good quote I just made…haha! writing it down to encourage ME when I feel like our house is tiny tiny)
    There is beauty in a little space that you really love.

    You have my vote lady! Not that you were looking for it…..:)

    • “I feel like simple living has so much less regret than extravagant living…There is beauty in a little space that you really love.”

      Girl, you NAILED it…! Gosh, I feel like I need to be learning from YOU and Adam!! And of course I love having your vote ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thank you for your encouragement and for reading along, friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    • HAHA so as soon as I hit “publish” I was like, “Maybe you shouldn’t have mentioned the words “hipster status”…but now it’s out there ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m so glad this inspires you, Rachel!! That’s high praise coming from you!! Thanks for reading along!

  2. I would love to live in a tiny home! The draw to living simply is why my guy + I want to purchase a home/land to start a farm. When I mention this to people, they start saying things like, “Oh yeah, and get a HUGE farmhouse with 5 bedrooms and a bunch of baths and ____ and ____.” It always makes me laugh because it’s like… well, isn’t that the exact opposite from our goal? I want to live as simply as possible + already have the ‘wanting less’ down pat for the most part. I usually feel like a societal outcast because I just don’t care about what most people do: big houses, fancy cars, a big wardrobe, tons of decor, etc. I want to live as simply as possible to live a good life ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to continue following your adventures as you guys dream of living small too!

    • Ahh, Caitlin. I’m so glad you commented…we’ve got a lot in common!! You’re definitely not a societal outcast…at least not to me!

      Your dream of living in a tiny home on a farm is positively fabulous. How simple and beautiful! Why would you need a big house if you had the great outdoors?!

      I’ve always said that I would love to housesit in a huge house (because let’s be honest…that would be kind of fun!) but I’d never want to own one!

  3. This is awesome! I lived in Asia for a year and our space was tiny and perfect (well except the occasional roach…SCREAM!) Anyways, after moving back here spaces are much bigger and more stuff is everywhere. I wont’ say I’m ‘minimalistic’ like I was in Asia because I’m not but I have learned that less is more.

    I do think a smaller house is nice. You are forced to keep smaller things. Personally, I’d want a little more than 200sq. feet so I could house people.

    Where in KS are you from? I’m from Wichita but currently live in Oklahoma (West west OK). however, we do come home just about every weekend.

    • Hey there, Beka!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

      UGH. Roaches!! My skin is crawling just thinking about those icky creatures!!!! I found one in the shower the other day and my husband and I promptly bug-bombed the whole house.

      So, except for those, yes…your tiny space in Asia sounds like it was perfect! I’ve spent a little time overseas, and I had the exact same feeling when I got back.

      Having people over is definitely a conundrum for Hans and I. We like hosting, but we don’t want to have a bigger house just for the occasional guest.

      I currently live in Topeka but I’m originally from the Wichita area!! Crazy small world!

  4. i saw this tiny home a few months ago & thought that was awesome! we have a magnet on our fridge that says “to have more, desire less” which i think is exactly what you are saying! and i completely agree! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “To have more, desire less” – DANG. That’s an awesome quote, Robyn!

      Isn’t this home just the cutest?! I think I like it because it’s all crisp and clean with the white paint, but the layout is pretty awesome, too. Where did you come across it originally?

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Robyn!! I appreciate it!

  5. I cannot tell you how happy it made me that you spelled it ” ‘Murica” hahahaha!!!!

    And D and I have been talking about downsizing too! Our only concern is that we may need more than 200 feet once we have kids, so we’re aiming for about the 500-700 sq ft. layout. And we don’t want it on wheels. But! I think this is such an awesome idea, and I blame you ๐Ÿ˜‰ for giving me the idea of a tiny house in the first place. We are still doing lots of research but we’re hoping to build our own tiny house in the next 3-4 years!!!

    • HAHA Megan!! Your comment made me laugh so much ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband says ‘Murica all the time…it just rubbed off ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Yes…kids are definitely a consideration when you’re thinking about downsizing! I know there are some people who have kids in a tiny home, but it does seem pretty crowded! Although they do end up spending a lot more time outside, so that’s a plus.

      Blame me all you want ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll take it!! It humbles me so much that I’ve been able to encourage you in this, friend!

  6. I already live in 200 sq feet! I’m not crazy (thank you very much) and my clothes are not hemp. While I admire your mindset, living small has its downfalls, hahah!

    – Sure it would take literally 36 minutes to clean, but it’ll probably take 10 minutes of doing things for a small place to look like a mess. Also it can get smelly really quick if you’re not ON TOP of your cleaning, hahahah.
    – Having company over becomes awkward, especially if they’re from out of town and are forced into getting a hotel because you don’t have room for them.
    – It gets a little hard to keep memorabilias. I don’t buy a lot of things, but I’m really sentimental! That kind of stuff ads up fast x_x

    • YAY! Natalie, I’m thrilled you stopped by! I loved reading your insights about already living in a tiny space ๐Ÿ™‚

      My husband and I are pretty neat-freaky and OCD about cleaning…but yeah, a smaller space = a bigger opportunity for a mess! We’re also wrestling with what to do about having company over (we love hospitality), so I’m hoping we could design a set up that would still allow us to host people. We try to corral our sentimental stuff into small crates, but it’s definitely a struggle to let go of things!!

      What’s the best parts about living tiny that you’ve discovered?

  7. Wow! That is sooo cool ๐Ÿ™‚ I love learning new things about you! It is so lovely — I would be curious how much space would be needed accommodate a family. Would you purchase land?! Where is your dream location?!

    • Hey Andrea!! Thank you for stopping by!!

      There’s not really a set number of square feet for accommodating a family…it all depends on how much room you decide you want/need/can handle without going nuts! There’s one blogger I know of who lives with her husband and four kids in an adorable converted school bus. It all depends on your own preferences!

      Ah, your questions are awesome! We don’t really know our “ideal” location yet…we love Colorado, but that’s a ways away from family. If we were planning on moving the house, it would make the most sense to rent land. However, we’ve also talked about purchasing land. So many options!! Thank you for asking, Andrea!

  8. It would be very wonderful and that place is so pretty! Would you buy land if you wanted to stay in the same town or just rent? I would also miss being able to have people over and host out of town guests but I am totally with you on the less is more!!

    And that loft! You are so right ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey there, Lizbeth!! I’m so glad you stopped by!

      Ah, yes…I’m just in love with that little house! It’s so crisp and fresh looking! If we decided to stay in one place for a while, we would probably buy land. However, we’ve also considered renting or swapping rent with a farmer/ranch owner in exchange for keeping an eye on their land/farm.

      We’re definitely conflicted about having out of town guests!! We LOVE hosting, but we’re not sure we’d want to maintain the extra space just for the occasional guest.

      The loft! I know, right?! I’m so glad we’re on the same page about how awesome it is ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Um, you had me at hipster-ific! (Actually, well before that!) I’m sure you know how this resonates with me. Though I find it funny, one part of me wants to live in a tiny little place and the other part of me, the one that is learning about the art of hospitality wants to stay in the same sized space but work it out so our entertaining space is bigger. My dream is to move somewhere warmer (always has been, I can’t handly -40 degree winters) and then live in a tiny house and have a large-ish outdoor space where we can entertain all year round.

    • Chantel! Thank you so much for stopping by! Yes – your recent Living with Less series has been resonating with me so much, too…it’s great to be able to exchange thoughts about living simplistically ๐Ÿ™‚

      I totally hear you…I’m also feeling the pull between wanting to live small and wanting to grow in the art of hospitality. Hans and I love entertaining, but we also really love the idea of having a tiny living space.

      Like you, we’ve talked about living somewhere warmer and being able to entertain outside. However, we also love winter…probably because it never gets as bad as -40! That sounds AWFUL, Chantel!

    • Hey there, Alex!! Thanks for popping in!

      I’m humbled that this inspired you!! Yes…the thought of getting rid of it all and starting over simply is SO refreshing, yes?! What would your ideal “simple life” look like??

      I imagine that quick cleaning is part of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. My husband and I would love to live in a smaller home as well. However, 200 sq ft wouldn’t quite cut it for us, since we want to have 4-6 kids. ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes, I’m totally down with having less space to clean, no mortgage, and more money for travel or nicer things instead of more things. I’ve always thought I would rather have a modestly sized home and a big yard instead of a huge house and a small yard. Plenty of room for a huge garden, lots of fruit trees, chickens, a cow, and lots of space for my babies to run. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jana! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

      Yes – 200 square feet might be a bit teensy for 6+ people!! I love your thoughts about having a huge yard, though!! I think it’s way better for kids to be playing outside, anyways!

      Also, THIS. “Plenty of room for a huge garden, lots of fruit trees, chickens, a cow, and lots of space for my babies to run.” – I love that SO much, Jana!!

  11. SO obsessed. I love the idea of doing it during the summer months or something but still keeping our home so that we can entertain and have family come visit, etc. plus the whole kids thing one day

  12. So fun! I’ve seen “tiny homes” before too, and there is a ton that is appealing about them! Now that we have a busy toddler I think it would be harder to live in such a small space, but if it was just the two of us, there would be a lot of appeal! Your reasons are excellent! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey there, Amy! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m a little nervous about living in a small space, but I think it will just make me spend more time outdoors…which is not a bad thing!
      Doing a few things very well and investing in them wisely is a FANTASTIC way to live simply. That’s very, very wise!

  13. I love this! Especially when you said that simplicity doesn’t start with getting rid of excess, but with wanting less. I have been feeling so convicted on this lately in my life, and I totally agree. What a great way to phrase these thoughts that have been circulating in my brain!! Also, love that you calculated that it will take you exactly 36 minutes to clean a smaller home. Had me laughing!

  14. I think this is outstandingly awesome! And did I mention I want to be your hipster bestie? ; ) Yay you guys … send all us Influence folk a postcard from your 200 sq ft. home once you move in so we can all celebrate with you! ; )

  15. Totally amazing! I say this, but I don’t think I could do it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy the idea of living simply and practice it to certain extents, but both hubby and I work from home so I think I might lose my mind if we were both in 200 sq feet all day LOL.

    • Oh gosh, Jen! Yes, I think if both of you guys were working from home in less than 200 square feet, you might go positively bonkers. Small living is definitely not for everyone or every stage of life, but the practices of living simply can be applied anywhere and anytime!

      Thanks for stopping by, friend!

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