Taking Stock | 1

Lara Casey Powersheets

Making | My office space a creative place
Cooking | This fabulous, flavor-packed salad from Shauna Niequist
Drinking | Chai tea
Reading | Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend
Wanting | A productive week
Looking | At the flowers Hans picked for me
Playing | Spotify’s “Wake Up Happy” playlist
Deciding | Progress is better than perfection
Wishing | You would take a moment to enter my pearl necklace giveaway!
Enjoying | Washi tape
Waiting | For the Influence Conference!
Liking | Summer sunshine!
Wondering | How to turn OYD into a business
Loving | Banjo’s sweet brown eyes
Pondering | Where I’ll be in 5 years
Considering | Taking a big, crazy leap of faith…
Watching | Gilmore Girls #guiltypleasure
Hoping | The She Reads Truth App drops soon!
Marveling | At God’s goodness + grace
Needing | Courage
Smelling | Sun-baked garden earth
Wearing | Dirt from weeding said garden
Following | @aharvestofblessing
Noticing | RSS is hard…
Knowing | God has good plans for me
Thinking | I want a donut
Admiring | People who work hard
Sorting | My to-do list for the week
Buying | This leather laptop tote, because homegirl needs a good bag
Getting | Excited that said bag is coming in the mail!
Bookmarking | Hello Neverland’s Blog Branding Series
Disliking | The end of summer 😦
Opening | Another piece of candy, because I have no self control
Giggling | At Hans’ crazy antics
Feeling | Blessed

Here’s a blank list for YOU to use, too!

Making |
Cooking |
Drinking |
Reading |
Wanting |
Looking |
Playing |
Deciding |
Wishing |
Enjoying |
Waiting |
Liking |
Wondering |
Loving |
Pondering |
Considering |
Watching | 
Hoping |
Marveling |
Needing |
Smelling |
Wearing |
Following |
Noticing |
Knowing |
Thinking |
Admiring |
Sorting |
Buying |
Getting |
Bookmarking |
Disliking |
Opening |
Giggling |
Feeling |

PS – totally stole this idea from Meet Me At Mikes 🙂

Pick a couple of the prompts above and answer them in the comments!!

Under Grace,

PPS  I wrote this post because several people commented in my Giveaway post that they wanted more personal content. Your wish is my command, dear reader!

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10 thoughts on “Taking Stock | 1

  1. I love Gilmore girls too! that was what I watched when I first transitioned to a stay at home mom. I was so bored…I think I finished all the season on DVD in about 2 months. lol to ever be bored now!

  2. Love this because I feel like I’m always getting to know you more!

    PS, as SOON as the app drops, let homegirl Jordyn know. I am paranoid that I won’t catch it in the first hour haha.

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