The Truth About Marriage

The Truth About Marriage

Marriage. That blessed and beautiful institution surrounded by myth and mystery.

When I was a single lady, I was under the impression that marriage was…

1. A reward for being a good Christian girl
2. Going to make me feel 100% awesome about myself all the time
3. Going to be easy and perfect

I was mistaken.

Don’t get me wrong…marriage is wonderful. My husband, Hans, is absolutely one of the most amazing gifts that God has ever given me. He is kind and strong and he works hard and makes me feel like a princess. But we’re both sinners, and our sin separates us from each other and from God. That makes married life really hard sometimes.

But you want to know the truth about marriage?

The best part is getting closer to Jesus.

Since becoming married, I’ve learned that only Jesus will satisfy my heart. I’ve learned that I have to rely on Him at ALL TIMES, even when it’s tempting to rely on my husband. I’ve learned that He doesn’t “reward” me based on my good behavior…He gives me crazy abundant grace simply because I am His daughter. I’ve learned that marriage is not for my happiness, but for my sanctification, and being more like Christ is better than being happy any day.

Marriage has brought me closer to Jesus, because I’ve learned just how much of a sinner I am and just how desperately I need Him.

I’ve learned that marriage is not about me and it’s not about Hans. It’s about Jesus. It’s about relying on Him in order to show His amazing and unconditional grace to another sinner on a daily basis. It’s about glorifying Him in our relationship. It’s about laying down our selfish desires in order to serve another person. It’s not about us, it’s about Him.

And that’s the truth.

PS – are you single and looking for some rock solid truth? Get thee to the Singleness Series and be blessed, friend.

How are you learning to be satisfied by Christ in your current “life stage”?

Under Grace,

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8 thoughts on “The Truth About Marriage

  1. I really think that it is a common misconception that marriage will be easy and that the work stops once you get there. While I am not married,I hope to learn as much as I can about how to continue to grow in my relationship and my faith to be prepared to take the first step in the right direction when it is my turn to exchange vows.

    • Hey Lauren! Thanks for popping in! I absolutely agree…it’s a huge misconception that marriage is an easy road. It’s not! It’s such hard work, but it’s so worth it. I think it’s awesome that you’re already thinking about how to be a faithful and God-honoring wife!!

  2. Rachel! I love this post. I just shared a post about how marriage isn’t a happy ending, because I’ve learned the same thing in the last two years. Even when I thought I knew that marriage isn’t a fairy tale going into it, I had no idea how much marriage really does mold us more into Christ’s image, because we just can’t do it without Him. Great post!

    • Hey Kim! Thank you so much for stopping in!

      You’re absolutely right…marriage does mold us more into Christ’s image, and sometimes it’s rather hard! We need Him SO much in order to do it.

      I loved your post about marriage not being a happy ending, too!

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