Essential Oils Q & A

Remember that time I was a horrible blogger and didn’t tell y’all that I was going on vacation? Yeah. That time also known as a Tuesday morning where I am sitting in a Starbucks in Branson because the internet at the hotel doesn’t work. Hans is in the corner reading a book and letting me do my merry thing, which is rather gallant of him, don’t you think?

Thankfully, I have a great guest post lined up for y’all today.

A while back, Andrea emailed me about growing our blogs together. I was thrilled to see that she uses Essential Oils and seems to know quite a bit about them. I’m assuming that many of you are like me: super curious about oils! I’ve heard so much about them, but I always appreciate first-hand knowledge from someone I know. Read on, friends!

Hi readers! It’s Andrea here from Mitchael Journey! A little bit about me…I am a married twenty-something mom with a degree in music, specifically Worship Ministries. My family is currently serving in a wonderful church plant in South Florida and love to share our life stories and experiences of life here! With a dramatic cost of living shift when we moved from Arkansas, we are learning how to save money and live naturally even more than before! I’m looking forward to getting to know you all a little more and I am SO excited that Rachel asked me to share on Our Yellow Door today about Essential Oils!

Essential Oils Q & A

I’m sure everyone and their mother has seen Pinterest recipes and posts raving about different uses for oils. You may have glanced at a few, maybe repinned a couple and wondered what was up with “EOs”! Let’s get started on some Essential Oils Q & A!

What Are Essential Oils?
Essential Oils may sound earthly and cool, but what are they, really?
Well, they truly are from nature! According to my handy dandy pocket reference* an essential oil is an aromatic, volatile complex liquid that is within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds that is usually extracted through steam distillation. EOs are far stronger than dried herbs (from 100-10,000 times more!) They are so highly potent and concentrated, that it is important to know how strong the particular oil you are using truly is!

>> Did you know, some oils should actually be diluted with a carrier oil (I like coconut oil!) before use? So pay attention to those labels and do a little research to see what is recommended!

Why Do Essential Oils Work?
Ok, highly concentrated plant power in a tiny drop sounds pretty good – but WHY do they work?
Because the molecules in essential oils are small, it enhances their ability to travel through the body. Essential oils have the unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and diffuse throughout the blood and tissues to give the cells direct access to the healing properties they contain!

>> When EOs are diffused, it can increase atmospheric oxygen and provide negative ions, which inhibit bacterial growth!
>> EOs stimulate the secretion of antibodies, neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones and enzymes.

Did you know, 98% of essential oils produced today are used in the perfume and cosmetic industry? Only 2% are produced for therapeutic and medicinal applications that I’m talking about today! This is especially important in regards to ingesting oils. Before I purchased oils from Young Living, I bought clove oil at a local health food store. I had been using it in some homemade toothpaste (a recipe from Pinterest). I was so excited, and it worked great for a couple of days, but then eventually my lips ended up getting a painful burn on the inside after brushing! When I (finally) looked at the bottle of clove oil, it said that it was for external use only. Since I didn’t know to check, it was pretty painful, and I didn’t know any better – I was simply following a recipe. So please pay attention, my friends!

Key Uses For Therapeutic Essential Oils
What can these therapeutic essential oils be used for?
To name a few applications…EOs can be used help with:
– skin issues such as burns, cuts, scars, acne, insect bites, wrinkles, fungal, and bacterial infections
– internal issues such as digestive trouble, muscle and nerve tension, blood pressure, flu, fever, sore throat, headaches, poor circulation, allergies, asthma and arthritis
– brain/emotional issues such as ADHD, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, drowsiness, irritability
– for the home in cleaning surfaces, purifying the air from bacteria, laundry boost, a pleasing and calming aroma (basically your home is now a spa!)

Where do I get Essential Oils?
There are lots of great companies out there, and I strongly encourage you to do some research to see what oils you feel like you should trust with your purchase! I chose to get a wholesale membership for Young Living this year and have really enjoyed using the variety of oils I’ve received! If you’d like to learn more, I am happy to find answers to your questions, just let me know by commenting below or emailing me at ifrog4fr{at}

*Since I’m not a professional scientist myself, I have used Essential Oils pocket reference 5th Edition as my guide in this post!

Andrea Mitchael
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I love learning more about Essential Oils from people who regularly use them! Thank you, Andrea!!

Andrea uses Young Living Oils (find a great deal on YL Oils on her blog!), but there are other brands such as DoTerra, Rose Mountain Herbs, or Now Foods. If you venture into using Essential Oils, do your own research and decide which brand will work best for YOU!

Under Grace,

21 thoughts on “Essential Oils Q & A

  1. Essential Oils have radically changed my lifestyle this past year! In 2013 I got sinus infections often (nearly every other month!) and would almost always get sick when I travelled. I have been using EOs since the beginning of this year and have only been sick once! Praise The Lord! Now I usethem for several things in regard to my health and around the house, and am so thankful for the option of using something so effective and natural for my family.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve recently become interested in EOs as well and have thought about signing up for YL or another EO program but wanted to do a little more research first. I’ll have to read up some more on Andrea’s blog.

  3. OOh, just started using essential oils and I am loving them so far. I only have three (peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus–I obviously hate mint) but they rule.
    Thanks for this post Andrea! I look forward to stalking your blog and increasing my oil knowledge/collection!

  4. Love my YL oils! The essential oils kit was the best investment because you get all of the most useful ones. I love that no oil can be used “incorrectly” because they all work, no matter what! I also love YL because of the biblical references and history they give when it comes to some of their oils!

    • Hey Alex! I’ve heard a lot of good things about YL…I’m glad they are working for you!
      Although I do think you can use some oils incorrectly…like taking them internally when you aren’t supposed to or not diluting them enough. I’ve heard some horror stories, and I would hate for someone to get hurt from using oils!

    • Isn’t that the TRUTH! The kit is a great investment 🙂 I love mine — and I’ve started to learn which are my “go-to” oils, which is fun! I love that I don’t have to go through a huge list of side effects scrolling at the bottom of prescriptions anymore 🙂 I hope that using the oils regularly will keep our family healthy and without need for many doctor’s visits at all!

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