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Single and Intentional

YOU GUYS. You are in for such a treat! Today, as part of the Singleness Series, you get to hear from Jordyn Brazil. Jordyn is a sassy powerhouse of a woman and a precious blogger friend, and she’s also super funny and creative. She loves Jesus desperately and has a fierce desire to make His Name famous. You’re going to love her.

To catch you up if this is your first time here (if it is, HELLO! Make yourself at home, and pop in whenever you like!), the Singleness Series is a weekly guest post series based around the idea of what it means to love Jesus mightily in your singleness. Women from all stages of life have been sharing honest, powerful, beautiful stories of how Jesus is enough in every season.

Be sure to peek at Madison’s incredibly wise post from last week – Single and Seeking.

Without further ado, prepare for Jordyn to rock your world!

Hi everyone! I’m Jordyn from over at She Who Fears. I love Jesus, my husband, my two German Shepherds, and lots of coffee. I started my blog back in March and Rachel was one of the first ladies I connected with. If you’re hopping over from SWF, get comfortable and browse around; Rachel is wise beyond her years and one of the spunkiest bloggers I follow. If you’ve been reading Our Yellow Door for a while now, great. Stay here and never leave 🙂

Most of the blogs that I follow along with (mine included) hit pretty hard on being intentional about marriage, but what about singleness? I was oh-so-excited when Rachel decided to start this series because I think it’s an area people stop caring about when they get married, or have such an unhealthy view of it, so that they’re in no place to actually talk about it.

Can I be real with you though? I was pretty bad at being single until about a year before I got married. I was the girl that thought my life would be drastically more amazing the moment I said, “I do,” (I was wrong). I was the girl that didn’t care that everyone said marriage was going to be hard because I was the girl that was going to have a perfect marriage (wrong again).

And then I heard a sermon that changed everything. Here’s a brief outline of my notes from JR Vassar’s 2009 sermon, Intentional Singleness, which is pure gold.

JR Vassar on Singleness

Like I mentioned above, marriage isn’t our hope for a better life. The Bible actually calls it an “affliction of the flesh.” When two sinners say, “I do,” conflict arises. While it is a wonderful gift from God, if you’re looking to marriage for satisfaction instead of Jesus, you will be disappointed, and then when you do get married, you will crush your spouse under the weight of your expectations. Ultimately, we are not to be defined by, enslaved to, or trying to achieve, a marital status because we are to receive it from Jesus.

Are you a girl or a woman? If you don’t have the gift of singleness, are you seeking to be a woman that a godly man would want to marry, or are you just a constant dripping? Do you love Jesus more than the man you’re pursuing? You don’t have to be perfect, friends, you’ve gotta be on the right trajectory.

Have you read Ruth? This lady knew how to present herself as available. Also, only consider a Christian partner—one godly man for one godly woman. If a man can’t pursue you and you alone in a dating relationship, then he won’t do it in a marriage relationship.

Our culture has robbed the value of sex. JR says premarital sex is like getting a one-year lease on an apartment and then using your life savings to renovate it. Don’t make the ultimate investment where there’s not the ultimate commitment. If you seek to enjoy the pleasures of sex while resisting the built in purpose of it, sex will become common and lose its covenant-making, covenant-strengthening power in your life. Sex strengthens marriage. If you are having premarital sex, repent. Jesus makes us clean and redeems our sex lives. God wants us to honor himself and to give us life.

For all of what I’ve said on steroids, hop over and listen to this sermon. Single or married, I know it will bless you. And whatever our marital status, let’s make it an intentional place to glorify God.



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Don’t forget to check in next Thursday to hear from lovely Jenna!

Under Grace,

PS – want to read about being single and significant, thriving, content, or seeking?

13 thoughts on “The Singleness Series | Single and Intentional

  1. YES YES YES to all of these! This series rocks and I really hope it is reaching those single ladies because this post along with the others are great!

  2. “Do you love Jesus more than the man you’re pursuing?” YES and yes. That’s one of the first and possibly most important advice my fiance and I ever received. If I may add, I think having mentors during singleness *and* marriage is important.

    And about sex: it is a “covenant good” not a “consumer good” as Tim Keller put it. When you give away your body in sex, thoughts, emotions, *everything* go with it. And that’s what makes sex so powerful.

    Great thoughts, Jordyn 🙂 Thanks for sharing the sermon link too!

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