Simplicity and the Wardrobe

Simplicity and the Wardrobe

Hooray! It’s Friday! Summer is rolling right along, isn’t it? I’m about to start my last undergrad semester in the Fall (yay!) but it’s going to be a hard and busy few months. Eek…I’m excited to be done, but not excited about putting blogging on the back burner for a while 😦


A while back, the magnificent Rachel from Oh Simple Thoughts asked me to write a Guest Post about having a Simplified Wardrobe. I loved her thoughts behind it…she didn’t want it to just be a post about tricks and tips, she wanted me to incorporate the spiritual implications of simplicity as well. I was all too happy to say yes!

So, if your wardrobe is straight up out of control and you’re needing some peace in that area of your life, hop on over to my post on how and why to simplify your closet. I hope it encourages you, friend!

What are ways you keep your wardrobe simple and functional? What do you think are the spiritual reasons we should have simple wardrobes?

Under Grace,

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14 thoughts on “Simplicity and the Wardrobe

    • I just checked out her Tumblr…wowza! What a courageous decision on her part to not buy clothes for a whole year! That’s something I would definitely love to do in the future…once I get my wardrobe pared down to a functional set of clothes 😉 What do you think about not buying clothes for a whole year?!

      • To be honest, I rarely buy clothes for myself. I have relatives in the States who send me clothes usually from H&M, Gap, and Old Navy. Since developing an interest in fair trade and ethically-produced goods, I’ve had my qualms about these brands. However, I’m in an odd position where I wear them but I don’t buy these brands directly. At this point I can go without buying clothes for an entire year ’cause I definitely have more than enough!

  1. Personally, I think simplicity fosters thankfulness and allows me to exercise creativity with my clothing. I don’t really buy a lot of clothes and prefer a capsule wardrobe (I like wearing pieces I like over and over again anyway). This has freed me up to spend money on other important things like treating a friend out to dinner or going on trips. I give away clothes I haven’t worn in the last 6 months, use an item of clothing until it’s worn, and when I do buy something, I think of it as an investment. I’d rather spend once on a pricey but high quality item that I know will last me a long time 🙂

    Matthew 6:25-34 (as you quoted in your post over at Oh Simple Thoughts) is spot on.

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