A Simplifier Beginner

A Simplifier Beginner

Simplicity is something I could talk about all the live long day. I’m a firm believer that less is more. However, simplicity isn’t something that I fell in love with overnight. It’s a journey, and I’m SO new at it.

When Trina from Beginner Beans and I first connected on Instagram, I instantly knew that this was a woman who knew her stuff when it came to minimalism and simplicity. She just had a baby (his name is Oliver and his story is amazing) and needed to take a bit of maternity leave from her blog…so she asked me to share my simplicity story with her readers!

Here’s a sneak peak…

Our western culture emphasizes having more, better, bigger, shinier, fancier (and often, debt-inducing) things and busier, more chaotic schedules. But my husband and I never found satisfaction or peace with that mindset. In fact, we felt like it was pulling us away from being focused on Christ. As we started to get into the rhythms of simple living, the breathing room of clear rooms and clear days, we found a lot more room for Jesus, and each other.

Read more HERE!

Did you know that Trina wrote a fantastic post about how to live simply with a family?

In what ways do YOU want to embrace simplicity?

Under Grace,

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12 thoughts on “A Simplifier Beginner

  1. Love this post! A call to live simply is something I yearn for as well, though the world’s clamor can make it difficult sometimes. Thank you for your insight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I want to embrace simplicity in that others will look at our lives and maybe not see glamorous expensive living….but JOY in the little things in life. Pleasure and love and happiness and peace in a calm home, a loving marriage, a non-cluttered home, and a simple elegant wardrobe!

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