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Hey there, y’all! Happy Friday! Today, Haley from Belle Vie is sharing some great closet tips with us. As women, I think we all struggle with our clothes sometime, you know? It’s always worth stopping and evaluating how we put outfits together and where we get our clothes from! Haley is a lot more adventurous with her clothing than I am, so hopefully her spunky style will encourage you!!

Read on, my friends! And leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Hello, readers of Our Yellow Door! Thanks to Rachel I get to share a little bit about how I make my closet more usable. I blog over at BELLE VIE and post a bunch on fashion and occasionally my mission work + life in general. BELLE VIE means “a beautiful life” and captures the theme of my blog perfectly. I wanted to build a positive, lively corner of the internet and over the years I have done just that! If you would like to follow along for fashion inspiration every week click {HERE} and if you’re on Facebook click {HERE}

Here are four tips that I use every day to make my closet more usable…

1. Be creative, and smile at how creative you are!

Mix those patterns, girl. On my blog I have mixed stripes with dots and dots with floral. Sometimes it’s just fun to play around with your patterns and see what you come up with!

2. Thrift your way to super-star status.
I have a closet full of lovely clothing, and a lot of people ask me how I can afford to keep up my drool worthy obsession. The answer is thrifting and finding some kick butt bargains. Goodwill sells LOFT, Coldwater Creek, Ralph Lauren, and downright nice brands for under $5. Never buy anything at full price, and when you do buy a piece of clothing make sure it is versatile. The trick is finding “chameleon clothes” where no matter what, they look good with everything in any background.

3. Find your staple pieces because staple pieces are GREAT.

This color block top is a perfect staple piece because I can wear it with jeans, dress it up with crop pants or a skirt, or tucking it into a maxi. It is always smart to have pieces in your closet that can be  worn multiple different ways.

A long sleeve denim shirt is also a must-have in my closet because it can be worn so many different ways as well. You can even tie it in a knot at the bottom instead of tucking it in or wearing it normally like I did with this maxi skirt posted below. I love mine and I thrifted this polo denim shirt for less than $10!

4. Accessorize! Your outfit is worth adding that little bit of “umph” to it!

I thrifted this Winnie the Pooh necklace and absolutely love it. I found it for a couple of dollars and it always ends up being a conversation starter when I go out with a group of people. Watches are an obsession of mine, I can’t ever get enough of them. They make me feel cool and I like feeling cool.

Rings have been pretty recent for me. I never used to wear them until I found a couple while thrifting. Earrings also are perfect accessories! I am a professional at losing them though, so I have a hard time wearing them unless it’s a night out/date night.

Thanks for having me over, Rachel! And thanks for reading everyone!

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Great tips, Haley! Thank you for sharing! Also, that anchor ring? LOVE IT!

I definitely agree that staple pieces are an absolute MUST for any closet. It’s far better to have a few pieces that you can wear with anything than a bunch of pieces that are hard to make an outfit out of!

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What are YOUR favorite tips for keeping your closet useable?

Under Grace,

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