Grace Upon Grace | 12


Oh hello, fancy face!

How is your darling self today? Embracing some grace on this Wednesday, I hope. Because who doesn’t need grace in the middle of the week, amen?

I’m linking up with the fabulous Jordyn of She Who Fears and her bi-weekly Grace Upon Grace series. It’s seriously one of the best link-ups on the internet in my opinion…because it’s about how Jesus is moving in our lives. The focus is Jesus, not us. I’m also linking up with Martha Kate of Seasons with the Strattons and her shiny, brand new link-up, Wednesday’s Words!

Can I share what God’s been up to lately?

O N E | Final Semester | My undergrad time is coming to a close, thank you Jesus! After five years, several failed classes, and a lot of missteps…I’ll finally be graduating. It’s taken a great deal of grace from Jesus (and my parents and husband) to get me to this point, and I’m humbled and thankful.

T W O | Bracelet Shenanigans | Y’all, this has kind of blown me away. Earlier this week I posted about selling these braided hex nut wrap bracelets in order to raise money for my trip to the blogger Influence Conference. Honestly? I didn’t really expect anyone to be interested. God was like, “Ha! I’ve got another thing coming!” and people have been awesome and generous enough to place orders! Click below if you’re interested 🙂


T H R E E | She Reads Truth | This little website has rocked my world. I’ve been following along with SRT Bible reading plans for a little less than a year now, and I’ve been so much more consistent with spending time with Jesus in the mornings. God has brought up books of the Bible that I wouldn’t have ventured into normally (hello, Nehemiah?) and He’s taught me so much from the women who write the daily studies.

F O U R | YOU | Do you realize how much encouragement you give me just by being here and reading this blog? A lot, let me tell you. Blogging is a constant act of faith for me, and God’s been affirming my efforts through your comments and emails, friends. Thank you ❤

What “grace upon grace” are you seeing God do in your life lately?

Under Grace,

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Linking up with She Who Fears – Grace Upon Grace and Seasons With the Strattons – Wednesday’s Words!

She Who Fears || Grace Upon Grace
 Wednesday's Words

18 thoughts on “Grace Upon Grace | 12

  1. Hey Rachel!!
    So lovely to meet you!
    The last semester – DEF praiseworthy! Congrats!
    LOVE SRT AND the Influence Network! I WILL BE THERE TOO!!!! Ah… I can’t wait to meet you in real life!! (is that creepy?!…I hope not!)
    I am so thankful you linked up with us & am excited to share this community with you!

    • Hey there, Jenni! It’s so nice to meet you, too! Thank you for your encouragement and kind words – that means a lot! Thank you for co-hosting the link-up, friend!

      You’re going to be at the Influence Conference too?! That’s AWESOME! I can’t wait to meet you too! Definitely not creepy at all 😉

  2. Hey girl!
    Definitely with you on the midweek grace thing….yep. there.
    God is so good though right? I love this link-up to just take a minute and remember the little ways He shows us grace!
    Congrats on your LAST semester!
    I am SO glad for you!
    And I am stoked that the bracelet sales are encouraging! 🙂
    Thanks for writing friend!

  3. All the best to your final year in school, Rachel! I’ve also read your email and will respond when I can 🙂

    Re: SRT… I’ve had a MUCH, much better morning structure because of SRT. I’m currently in one of their old plans (1-3 John) and I praise the Lord that regardless of when the devos were published, God’s words will always be relevant and convicting.

    • Thank you so much, Patricia! I’m SO excited to be almost done 🙂

      Yes! That’s one of my favorite things about SRT – no matter what plan you’re reading…whether it’s the current one or one from a year ago – truth and grace are ALWAYS spoken. It encourages the heck out of me. It’s awesome that you’re having more structure in your mornings because of SRT!

  4. Rachel! Congrats on school. Soo much hard work, lady!!
    Also, those bracelets are gorgeous! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

    And SRT, seriously. All the time. I am so thankful that Jesus threw that ministry my way.

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