Braided Hex Nut Wrap Bracelets


You know those big crazy things that you’re simultaneously excited and terrified of?

That’s blogging for me.

I genuinely enjoy writing on Our Yellow Door. Creating content, meeting other bloggers, finding joy on the internet…it’s awesome. But really putting myself out there? Taking messy leaps of faith? That scares me.

But my big-crazy-dream is to become a full-time blogger and small business owner. I don’t know exactly what that looks like, yet. I have passions, ideas, hope, a wonderfully supportive husband and great blogger friends. But there’s much to learn.

So, I’m going to the Influence Conference next month. It’s put on by the Influence Network, a group of women who love Jesus and want to make their online lives and businesses mean something. They want to use the internet for good…for God’s glory.

Want to help me get there?!

Because traveling is expensive, I’m making and selling these Braided Hex Nut Wrap Bracelets to cover my train ticket and meals for the conference. My lovely friend Kelsey (who straight up looks like Barbie) modeled the bracelet for y’all, and there is information about how YOU can get one at the end of the post!




The bracelet is simple, modern, and adds just a touch of glam to your outfit. It works great on it’s own or as part of a bracelet stack, like Kelsey styled it here.



Bonus picture of Kelsey’s adorable husky, Luna! I’m Luna’s “Aunt Rachel” and she and Banjo have play dates all the time 🙂



These bracelets are available in gold, silver, or mixed (alternating gold/silver or half gold, half silver). They are $8 a piece – which includes shipping! If you live nearby and would like it hand-delivered, they’re only $7.


Have you ever been to a blogging conference?

Under Grace,

7 thoughts on “Braided Hex Nut Wrap Bracelets

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  2. Cool bracelets! So this is my first official visit to your blog. I’m loving it and so proud of you for dreaming and taking the leap. God is going to use you and your creativity big time! Thankful to know you,

    P.S. Still worried about Sam! 😀

    • Melissa! HELLO, friend! Thank you for visiting, and for your kind words 🙂 It’s doing my heart so much good today, friend! I’m thankful to know YOU. Truly.

      P.S. – Don’t be too worried…it’s all going to be okay, and he has a little monologue in Return of the King that will make you weep because it’s so beautiful.

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