Influence Conference Meet and Greet!

Influence Conference

So, the Influence Conference is next week. NEXT WEEK.

As a newer member of the Influence Network (and as a member who hasn’t quite figured out the message boards), I’m getting new-kid-on-the-block syndrome. Y’all, I’m nervous. I’ve “met” a couple people online and even have someone to sit with for one of the sessions (Yay Elise!) but still. I’m nervous that I’m going to be a terrific flop and that I’m somehow going to “miss” it. Whatever “it” is.

*deep breath*

The ladies at the Network are hosting a lil’ link up to help all us attendees get to know each other a bit more before the Conference. I want to soak up all those pictures and names, because in just a few short days they won’t be pixels – they will be people.

Which, even though it makes me nervous, also makes me excited.

About Me I’m a 20-something Kansas girl who has never seen a tornado and didn’t grow up on a farm. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Hans, for just over a year. My blog is named “Our Yellow Door” because our front door is yellow (#cheerful!). I write about amazing grace, simple living, marriage, and you know…life. Hot drinks and sarcasm are two of my love languages.

1 Part of the Conference I’m Most Excited About Learning! I want to make my online life mean something; to make much of Jesus. Eventually I’d love to do it full time, too. You best believe I’ll be at all the “Strategy” classes!

1 Thing I Won’t Leave Home Without A Cardigan. Because I am ALWAYS cold.

PSST! Want to help me finish paying for my train ticket to the Conference, AND get some snazzy hardware for your arm? Click on the image below and check out these bracelets! They are available in four colors, and only $8 – which includes shipping!


See? I said “hardware” because they’re made from nuts. #badjoke

If you’re going to the Conference, please say hello! What are YOU excited for?

Under Grace,

14 thoughts on “Influence Conference Meet and Greet!

  1. Hey there! I’ve seen your blog before through Oh Simple Thoughts I think 🙂 So glad you’ll be at the conference. Thanks for being vulnerable too, I’m definitely nervous as well!

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I’m going to the conference, too! I’ll be a newbie as well – let’s plan to meet so we can hang out (and have someone to sit with in at least one session, ha!)

  3. I was a newbie last year, and the people were seriously so friendly. I’d just join random tables at lunch or for sessions, and all the women were welcoming and easy to talk to. Hope to meet you there!

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