Ins and Outs of Simplicity

Ins and Outs of Simplicity

Your life is not going to be simple until you let go of some things.

Not just physical possessions. Believe me, we’re going to bust some clutter up in here. If you don’t have approximately 6 trash bags full of stuff to throw away by the end of this month, I have failed you as a blogger.


While simplifying our possessions is great, it merely addresses the outward realities of our inward condition. Like I said on Day 1…simplicity starts in and with Jesus. This isn’t a “31 Days to a Decluttered Home!” or “How to Simplify Your Closet!” sort of series. Behavior modification is surface level.

If there is not deep-seated change, the clutter will come back.

Have you ever experienced that?

You wage an almighty war on your closet and then like two weeks later you take a trip to Target (probably just to get toilet paper and shampoo) and you end up in the Women’s Clothing section and the cardigans seduce you.

(no judgement here – I’ve been in your shoes…all 27 pairs of them)

Simplicity means we clear out things – possessions, commitments, obligations, relationships, clutter – in order to usher in God, the things He is doing, and what matters most.

Your Life, Simplified starts with an emptying. In order to be filled by Christ and focused on His Kingdom, there must be room for Him to fill and energy for His purposes.

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

What do you want to make room for in your life?

Under Grace,

6 thoughts on “Ins and Outs of Simplicity

  1. This is so true! I have been clearing out physical clutter within my house, but I definitely am still learning how to let go of obligations and priorities that are not Jesus.

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