The Main Things of Simplicity

The Main Things of Simplicity

Have you ever heard the expression, “Keep the main thing, the main thing”?

It’s a quaint little quip, isn’t it?

When our lives are not anchored to a “main thing”, we can find ourselves miles and miles off course. On the other hand, when our lives are built around a firm set of standards, they can be incredibly focused and strong.

I believe that there’s a lot of simplicity to be found in identifying our “main things”, and then making decisions and priorities from there. When we come across something – from an item at Target to a request for a coffee date or even a new job – it’s easier to discern what to do if you have solid set of standards.

Can I tell you what this looks like for me?


I try and make decisions based on those things, and in that order. I spend the first part of my day in prayer and in the Word, both by myself and with my husband. If I haven’t worked out for the day but I also have an essay to finish, I buckle down and write. I rarely make plans with friends for Wednesday nights, because that’s date night for Hans and I. Even though I would love to blog all the time, I try to put it on the back burner until schoolwork is done. Because Hans and I are on a budget (and I want to respect my husband), I choose not to bury us in debt by buying allthethings from IKEA. I’m trying to get in the habit of talking about my worries and problems to God before I discuss them with my friends.

I don’t get this perfectly. I’ve skipped class to spend time blogging and I’ve had plenty of days where I chose Downton Abbey instead of getting outside. BUT – having my list of “main things” makes it very simple for me to know what decisions I should make.

Simplicity is a choice. You have to choose which things are the highest priority (and the most precious to you!) and be willing to let go of everything else.

Challenge! Write down 15-20 things that take up most of your time and energy. Be honest with yourself. Now out of that list, pick the top 4 or 5 things that you want to be your “main things”. Write them out all fancy like on a notecard or sticky note and put it in a place that will remind you to keep your “main things”.

What are ways you prioritize your “main things”?

Under Grace,

9 thoughts on “The Main Things of Simplicity

  1. This is so true and such a good reminder!
    Honestly, I do things out of order sometimes….things that don’t match up with my “main things”
    This is a good challenge to get back on track!

  2. I’m a big fan of leaving post it notes allover the house. I have started writing goals and scriptures on scrapbook paper and taping them on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, over the toilet, near the pantry, etc…It helps keep me in line when I waiver in my resolve to keep going.

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