One Rule To Help Your Simplicity

One Rule To Help Your Simplicity

It’s called the “One Touch” Rule.

Ready to revolutionize the way you clean and declutter your home?

Here’s how it works – when you’re putting things away in your house, pick up one item at a time and don’t put it down until it’s in its proper place…only touch it once.

This quick little rule helps your simplicity because it forces you to stay focused, and it helps you conquer your cleaning/decluttering one item at a time.

Trash gets thrown away/recycled right away.
Clothes quickly get folded and put away.
The things you want to declutter immediately get put in a sack for the thrift store.

This rule can also be applied to answering emails, cleaning the bathroom, craft projects…just about anything. The idea is to accomplish tasks in one go, instead of leaving a slew of things “half-finished”.

It’s a pretty simple little trick, but it helps me keep our living space under control, and keeps me from getting distracted when I’m trying to get things done!

Have you ever tried the “One Touch” Rule?

Under Grace,

18 thoughts on “One Rule To Help Your Simplicity

  1. I call it the Touch it Just Once rule (longer than yours haha). I first learned about it through Kathleen Shannon over at Braid Creative & Since encountering that post, I’ve used it to help me get stuff done in general. It works well for me.

  2. This is BRILLIANT! Most of the time I’m running in circles around my house moving clutter from here to there, seldom finishing any one thing! The bed will LITERALLY be half made, because I saw something else that “needed” to be done as I walked around the bed.

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