Investing In Simplicity

How to Invest in Simplicity

Heyo. I’m baaaaaaack!

I know this is supposed to be “Write 31 Days“, but I failed with rather impressive epic-ness this past week. Life happens, you know? So we’re just going to jump back in, alright? Let’s get to it!

I’m a sucker for deals. Clearance racks are my jam. Coupons? Yes please.

However…a “good deal” can be decieving.

For example. I bought a pair of brown flats from Target a year ago for $16. Plain brown flats are a wardrobe staple for me, so I wore them all. the. time. and patted myself on the back for snagging such a good deal.

Fast forward six months.

The paper-thin sole was peeling off, the “leatherette” (seriously, “leatherette”? what the what?) was flaking off, and my feet were always sore from wearing such ill-fitting and non-supportive shoes. Not because I had gotten the wrong size, but because the material was stiff and the sole was about as cushioned as concrete.

I researched and bought a brown pair of Tieks – handmade, real leather, super cushioned flats with thick rubber soles. I’ve had them for nearly six months and they’ve held together, look brand new, and are comfortable to wear and walk in…all day if I need to. They cost $175.

Okay. I know for some of you, spending $175 on a pair of shoes sounds ridiculous. But this is how I look at it. I have seven pairs of shoes. Total. Leather riding boots, flip flops, two pairs of TOMS, tennis shoes, Keens, and my Tieks. Those simple flats earn their keep.

Here’s my point – invest in simple, classic pieces that will last. Spend the extra money on one high quality piece, instead of shelling out $10 here and $20 there for half a dozen crappy pieces. Have one blazer that goes with virtually everything in your closet, instead of five random clearance jackets that only look good with one or two outfits.

Because less stuff = less fuss, right?

Less fuss =  more time/energy to focus on what matters most.

This is a mistake I’ve made with probably hundreds of items that used to be in my closet. I had a slew of bags and purses, all super cute and everything, but none fitting my daily needs (aka, lugging around my laptop and books for school). I once bought a bright orange peacoat because it was on clearance. Which was STUPID, because I looked like a traffic cone.

You’re welcome for that mental image.

How can you shift your buying habits towards “investing”?

Under Grace,

7 thoughts on “Investing In Simplicity

  1. I always say I want to do this. but then I get a gift card to Target or Old Navy and I am off the straight and narrow again. I also have wayyyy too many shoes but they all get equal use so they last longer…it isn’t the right attitude to have and every time I move I deeply regret it!

  2. This is SUCH a good point.
    i unfortunately buy WAY too many clearance items…wear them a few times and then get rid of them. I need to look to buy more high quality stuff and have it for longer!

    • I can’t even tell you how many clearance items I’ve gotten rid of over the years…! The most ridiculous was probably the bright orange peacoat. I wore it like four times and then realized how much I hated it.

      Quality definitely does last longer, but that initial price tag does bite a bit!

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